Realus A cloud based Quality Management Suite for the Construction Industry that transforms the traditional paper based quality check process to real time Maker-Checker process giving construction companies a complete control and visibility on construction quality levels.

Construction industry is one of the most competitive industry and today construction companies need to deliver projects that meets and exceeds the expectations of customers at a reasonable price. Ensuring quality of projects has become one of the most important strategic tool for the long term- competitiveness, business survival and success of construction companies. However economic considerations, lack of standardization, budgets & cost control, project timelines, labour & management skills, labour & staff changes, complex network of material suppliers, outsourcing to contractors and regulatory compliance make quality management very complex in construction industry. Traditional practice of quality management through manual inspection depends on the experience, knowledge and diligence of the supervisor which is prone to errors which may lead to additional costs, delays, poor reputation of the company, conflicts, disputes and regulatory fines. It has become important for the construction companies today to move from traditional approach to automated technology driven Quality management system to ensure quality levels are continuously achieved and improved helping to meet the strategic objectives of the construction company.

Feature Of The Product

Cloud based solution
Access from anywhere-anytime
Predefined and customizable workflows and checklists
Quick configuration of policies
Inbuilt escalation matrix
Real time alerts to bring transparency in operations
Unique mobile App
Quality compliance easier and faster
Dashboard for overview
Predefined Reports
Customizable Reports

Benefits to company

  • Implement a proper quality management plan for both design and construction phases.
  • Implement policies based on different projects, design standards and construction specifications.
  • Continuously monitor the quality levels to reduce rework and save time, money and resources.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Improve schedule performance.
  • Maker-Checker inspection for supervisors to get important feedback on workmanship and identify the areas for training and improvement.
  • Instil a culture of quality right from the design phase.
  • Improve customer satisfaction to ensure more repeat business.
  • Build long lasting relationships with architects, engineering firms and contractors.