What We Do

Kanishka Software Private Limited is an organization that leverages disruptive technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to provide BPM consulting services and platforms. We proudly serve techno solutions handcrafted by a team of professionals which is a perfect blend of experience and young ideas in the field of business process consulting and software development.

Our core differentiation is the unique merger of a team comprising of technology professionals and business professionals that ensure that we provide the best fit solution to our customers, helping them to maximize ROI for each technology implemented and achieve their transformation goals.

Putting Efficiency To Work

What's hindering transformation efforts in today's companies? in many cases, it's their outdated operating models, creating the kind of friction that makes processes cumbersome and operations costly. According to data, around 79% of employees feel that their performance and productivity will increase after the introduction of an automated process. Kanishka Software can help. By erasing the operating inefficiencies that slow growth, we will help you create and capture the value and improve your business outcomes. With our industry know-how and process expertise, we will show you, how to implement tailored and customized solutions, platforms and processes. Together, they combine to accelerate your digital transformation and improve efficiency.

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