Tools That Bring You Closer To The Goals Of Your Organisation

Let’s talk of moving towards organisation goals. What comes to your mind first? You might have read multiple books. They all speak efficient planning, staffing, empowering employees, being an efficient leader, etc. But this is 2019 and we have learnt to talk much beyond people and planning! 

Process Automation

What Are They?

There are actual tools which can bring you closer to the organization’s goals. We have made technical advancements. There are tools in the form of applications and software. These help you get closer to your organization’s goal. And they have been proven to be more productive than humans. 

Process automation speeds up and directs the work in the benefit of the organisation. A purpose built mobile application or software promotes multiple benefits. They are:

  • logging in
  • entering accurate data
  • processing data
  • analysis and evaluating
Process Automation


KSOFTPL brings you many power packed tools. These will help you drive your employees towards organization’s goal. Few of them are:

QUALUS-  QUALUS is the synonym of quality! This maker-checker process tool automates the entire quality check process. Thus making them faster, more systematized and more user friendly. It comes with various functions, like:

  • in-built bar code functionality checklist
  • ticketing system
  • scoring mechanism
  • mobile app

These help in faster and easier reporting. And it also ensures the ground team is always on the job and delivering services as per the quality SLAs.

Quality Assured, Growth Assured

VASCO- Be assured of all details of the visitors coming to your organisation. Keep them registered with their names and other relevant information. Be more planned and systematized with your visitors with VASCO. It is the “photo” of a visitor. It enables user apps for your employees and visitors. Features include pre-registrations, super fast check ins and overall visitor management. We know the importance of “time is money”. Hence VASCO ensures that your time milks you well and flourishes your organisation. 

Perfecto- We know every organisation has its goal. And we also know that its employees have their own goals as well. Alignment of employees’ goals with the organisational goals is key to success. Dedicated set of employees is the true asset of organisation. Perfecto perfectly balances between employees’ goals and organisation’s goal. 

Success attainment doesn’t happen overnight. It is a sweet result of many steps taken towards it. Thus, big or small, just ensure that a step is taken! So when are you taking your next step by clicking here? . 

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