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  • Gain instant access to your patient's documents?
  • Direct patient management?
  • Enhance physician efficiency?
  • Speed up medication reconciliation process?

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MeDoc is an enhanced Docter-Patient Mobile app with E-prescription functionality that follows HIPPA guidelines. Compatible with IOS & Android, the MeDoc app performs as a great assistant and a facilitator of communication between doctors and patients. It is a futuristic solution that improves the satisfaction of the doctor with its detailed & organized data structure.

Features that help you treat your patients better

Direct patient management

Schedule appointments

Consolidated Doctor-Patient data

Patient history mapped to all doctors


Patient footprint analysis

Timely reminders of medicine

Excellent follow-ups

Medical updates

A smart product delivers great benefits

Instant access over all the required documents,maintaining confidentiality of the patients medical history

Enhances physician efficiency, every patients, information at their fingerips thus helps fast and better decision making

Increases diagnostic accuracy, keep accurate and descriptive notes. Few mistakes are mode due to ineligible handwritings.

Direct Patient Management i.e. Doctors can categorize patients.custom design remedies without investing a huge amount og time.

The analysis helps doctors to know the reasons for the decrease or increase in the number of patients.

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