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Ensure world-class quality control in your project?

Have real-time reporting and total visibility?

Control cost-leakages?

Ensure all regulatory compliances are met

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REALUS transforms the traditional paper-based quality check process to real time Maker-Checker process giving construction companies a complete control and visibility on construction quality levels. It allows you to automate your Quality Management system and deliver quality projects that exceed customer expectations.

Features that elevate your project's quality!

Cloud based solution

Access from anywhere-anytime

Predefined and customizable workflows and checklists

Quick configuration of policies

Inbuild escalation of policies

Real time alerts to bring transparency in operation

Unique mobile app

Quality compliance easier and faster

Dashboard for overflow

Predefined Reports

Customizable Reports

A smart product delivers great benefits

Implement a proper quality management plan for both design and construction phases.

Implement policies based on different projects, design standards and construction specifications.

Continuously monitor the quality levels to reduce rework and save time, money and resources.

Ensure regualtory compliance

Improve schedule performance

Maker-Checker inspection for supervisors to get important feedback on workmanship and identify the areas for training and improvement.

Instil a culture of quality right from the design phase.

Improve customer satisfaction to ensure more repeat business.

Build long lasting relationships with architects, engineering firms and contractors.

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