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Food Service Management Software

If there’s one thing that is the persistent contributor to the growth of businesses worldwide, it’s digital transformation. Over the eons, businesses across the industries have witnessed phenomenal metamorphosis shaped by technological developments, including the food industry. The significant impact can be seen in the corporate cafeterias as well, wherein, advanced technological solutions like POS and Food Service Management Software have become integral to increasing productivity of the cafeteria and employees as well. 

Here’s a peek into few ways on how technology is transforming the industry –


POS is not just a ‘track sales’ system. The system facilitates smooth and fast order updates to chef and cashier and allows to track the progress of the order placed. It reduces latency and chances of error, which eventually leads to faster turnaround and contributes to the efficiency of the premises.  

Food Service Management Software

Inventory Management

Considering the limited shelf life of the perishable items used in the food industry, poor inventory management can result in substantial losses. Thanks to technology, the tedious inventory management has become easy, trackable and efficient. 

Integrated Food Ordering Management software automates the process, enabling F&B managers to manage their inventory online, thus aiding to optimize the supply chain, reduce wastage and saving on time

Tech-Savvy Process 

For corporate giants, serving thousands of employees at their cafeteria during lunch and other food hours requires efficient systems in place. Thanks to technology, it has become a sweet symphony. With mobile-friendly pre-ordering apps, employees can pre-book their orders at the cafeteria from their desk or while on the move and save on the wait period at the café. The seamless payment wallet and gateway in the app further smoothens the ride, contributing to increased efficiency of man-hours

Vantage View

For F&B managers at corporate cafeterias, it is imperative to have a clear vantage view of their operations; whether a single cafe or outlets at multiple locations. Unlike manual processes, technological solutions like food order management suites are designed to provide unified information on customer traffic, sales, transaction reports, order details, etc. The system provides real-time updates and detailed analysis of outlet-based revenue generation, consumption, tax computation, etc., empowering the managers to make informed and strategic business decisions. 

Food Service Management Software

Foodiisoft – a Food Ordering Management software has been making waves in the corporate industry. With its seamless integrated features and functionality, it is already a success story at multi-tenanted cafeterias with some of the leading corporate companies in India.

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