With the widening of global boundaries and the dynamic nature of business traditional practice of yearly appraisal system is no more effective in ensuring alignment of employee goals to organizational goals.

There is a change and silent revolution taking place slowly lead by world leaders in overhauling the HR process with the introduction of next generation performance management which focuses more on ongoing monitoring and alignment of HR goals helping todays dynamic needs of the business.

Involvement of employees in accomplishing company’s mission and goals is important for success of every company.

Feature Of The Product

Real-Time Access
Cloud Based Solution
iOS Mobile App
Android Mobile App
Employee-Manager Closed Loop Review
One-click Management Feedback
Ongoing Acceptance -Rejection
Continuous Performance Improvement
Weightage to KRA-KPI of each employee
Real-time Target achievements
On-the-go Dashboard
Executive level reports
Twice a year review
One-click promotion process

Benefits to company

  • Realtime Mobile computing leading to lessening the organizational overheads.
  • Dynamic and measurable goals aligned to top management and business priorities
  • Easy mapping with business outcome, organizational agility and competitiveness.
  • Continuous communication and feedback ensure better employee and HR engagement.
  • Collaborative helping to improve employee motivation, success and loyalty.
  • Real-time feedback is more effective.
  • Embed ongoing performance as part of the culture of the organization itself.
  • Achieve consistency in employee performance management
  • Ensure employee and organization success.