Quality Issues in Construction Industry & How Technology Can Fix Them

Construction companies work on several real-estate development projects simultaneously. Meeting the highest quality standards and timely delivery at competitive rates is crucial to gaining an edge over the competition, determining their long-term standing in the industry and sometimes, even the survival in business.

Construction Project Management Software
Constrcution done right with REALUS

The Compliance Factor

Besides, the RERA Act of Parliament of India makes it mandatory for builders to comply with quality norms. Under RERA regulation, builders in India are required to do a quality assessment at every stage and submit the quality certificate to the authority on a quarterly basis. Non-compliance to RERA norms and compromising on the quality can disapproval of the project and/or penalties levied on the construction companies. Hence, ensuring quality in construction becomes significant. However, such pursuits meet the roads roughed with challenges and loopholes.

Let’s take a look at some of these roadblocks.

Labor Management

Construction work requires companies to hire hundreds of people including laborers, engineers, supervisors, etc. With manual dealing and paperwork on the site, it becomes challenging to sustain the level of quality checks required.

construction project management software
Construction done right with REALUS

Lack of Standardization

Most of the traditionally run construction companies manage the onsite construction supervisions and design instructions through manual work. The quality management largely depends on the manual inspection by the supervisors’ knowledge, experience, and comprehension of compliance standards. Such an approach is prone to errors and may cause the companies unnecessary delays or costs, even lead to conflicts and regulatory fines. The cost of poor quality in the residential construction segment is estimated at Rs. 33,000 Cr. on account of rework and material cost.

Outsourcing to Contractors

Outsourcing to contractors is a common practice in the construction industry. However, this can be a major roadblock to accomplishing and delivering a high standard of quality in construction projects. The gap in the quality management process adhered to by the contractors and the construction companies may make the entire process of quality management quite complex and difficult.

Technology – the Answer!

Construction companies are taking a leap from their manual functioning to a technology- driven approach and implement a seamless quality management system to manage their projects. A research report says that more than 71% of professionals in the construction industry cited that automation & the cloud-based solution has enabled them to manage their data on a real-time basis and that has been a key driver to adapting to it.

Realus is a cloud-based quality management suite; a power-packed construction project management system that offers complete control and visibility of projects and their quality to the companies. It comes with the features of pre-defined and customizable reports and real-time alerts that keep the construction process and quality checks in tap and enables transparency in operations.

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