IoT and the future of Facility Management Services!

India has seen facility management evolved from the traditional housekeeping jobs in offices to a fully integrated service industry. Today, facility management companies are equipped with deeper understanding of the customers’ requirements and offer their expertise & customized facility management solutions to them. The Internet of Things is transforming the game further and acting as a growth driver to the industry. The forecasted CAGR over the next three years in the Facility Management Industry is estimated to be 17.19%.

Facility Management Services
Smarter way of facility management

Technology in Facility Management

Facility managers are becoming more inclined towards integrated systems for their facility management services. IOT (Internet of Things) has become the core tool in integrating facility management services. It enables automation and facilitates better performance, making the operations efficient in terms of cost, time and energy.

The Catalysts for Optimization – IOT & AI

IOT combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can provide deeper insights on the huge amount of data on assets, people, energy, etc. through predictive analytics. IOT along with Machine Learning (ML) further aids scaling efficiencies in facility management; eliminating manual work and bringing in data-driven intelligence.

IOT enables devices on the network to communicate with each other and access information, thereby making a real-time transaction possible. Most of the businesses and their functions have been capitalizing on its strength and facility management function is at the top of the list. Facility managers today, are preferring to implement systems that need the least supervision and give better output.

Facility Management Services
The smarter way of facility management

The Ultimate Solution

QUALUS is a facility management software that is aiding facility managers in their pursuit and shaping the future of the facility management industry. A module that provides automation with IOT device, QUALUS offers real-time Maker-checker quality processes, thereby giving full control and visibility on service quality levels to both, the customers and service providers.

QUALUS leads its way into the facility management solutions industry. With hassle-free quality management process, it’s an integrated solution that is driving facility management industry towards automation and raising their bar in terms of enhancing their service levels, optimizing their resources, reducing costs and increasing business profitability.

Paperless, Manageable, Smart! QUALUS is making waves in the industry!


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